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Our Mission

By the effective practice and teaching of the Word of God, taking God's children into their promised land and dividing unto them their inheritance!

Our Vision

Raising God an Army,
Equipped, Vibrant, Effective!

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God's Glory Television is the vision-child of televangelist, Pastor Obikwe Nwandu, the Senior Pastor of God's Kingdom, Power & Glory Ministries Worldwide. The mandate from God is to reach the nations of the world via the media with the unadulterated truth of the Word of God. By the grace of God, and to His Glory, this mandate is already being fulfilled as we have been ministering both on terrestrial and satellite broadcasts for more than a decade.

This is a vision borne out of a need to uninterruptedly saturate the airwaves and media space with a continuous flow of the unadulterated, true, life-giving Gospel of the Kingdom, so that lives are totally transformed, and God's children enter realms of blessings that eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor anybody's imagination ever encompassed. We have a mission, by this global platform, to take people out of the land of bondage, into their Promised Land, and divide unto them, their inheritance in Christ Jesus, and ensure the go forward, saved, be saviours, delivered to be deliverers and blessed to be a blessing to all me.

God's Glory Television streams live Christian broadcasts from the outreaches and in-house ministrations of God's Kingdom, Power & Glory Ministries. You can also watch past ministrations from this commission and from other ministries. Some of these ministrations are the teachings on Sexual Purity's Blessings & Sexual Immorality's Consequences, 'Loose Him & Let Him Go!', Dealing With Strange Issues, Anchored Behind the Veil, 'According to His Riches in Glory', and other life-transforming messages.

This online tv is a website where millions all over the world get to have a personal encounter with the Person of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, get constant spiritual uplifting and panacea, get insights for making maximum impact in life, and become everything the Lord has appointed them to be from before the foundations of the world. The thrilling highly interactive section gives you this invaluable opportunity to seek counselling and prayer/deliverance help, share your testimonies, join a Christian community, participate in live programmes, upload comments, get feedbacks, and lots more.

God's Glory Television brings you God's eternal Word on the go and is poised to make authentic Christian broadcast a constant feature wherever you go.

See His Glory!